profilKitespower Company was established with main purpose bringing together all serious professionals who are actively involved with kitesurfing around the world as an attractive tourist product, sailing sport and Water Sport for personal recreation.

After exchange of views and continuous recording of the facts on different beaches and sea areas of European countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Croatia, France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, we've created the main frame which characterizes a modern tourist sports center for safe kitesurf conduct.

Kitespower prototype centers are regulated by all the principles that are required by the International safety rules and are set by the European legislation regarding the lease, the training and the conduct of kitesurfing as a sailing sport.

Most customers of Kitespower prototype centers come from that part of the public that chooses for its winter holidays the crowded ski areas of Europe. The company has gained the appreciation of the European public through their high quality services, since their centers meet the standard requirements for qualitative conduct of kitesurf and other water sports.

We promote kitesurf as a safe sailing sport, accessible to the general public and the children


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