epaggelmatikesThe terms of the cooperation contract are negotiable and are determined according to the specifics of the clients to achieve successful agreement, which is all about.

The Kitespower company may provide:

• Services of Legal Consultants, highly trained on the leasing of Water Sport for personal recreation and water sports training.
• Branding of organized centers.
• Certification of the user for sufficient capacity to kitesurf (KITE / FREESTYLE PASS - MASTER KEY).
• Insurance coverage of up to 3.000.000 € for personal injury and property damage against third party.
• Suggestions for operational and safe rules of conduct and movement of Water Sport for personal recreation for lessors and schools within their jurisdiction area.
• Information seminars on professional and race kitesurf.
• Attendance in international exhibitions and conferences in order to promote kitesurf as a high level tourist product.
• Supplying of organized centers with full equipment.
• Listing of prototype kitespower centers in all print and online media to promote the company and its partners, as well as in telecommunications.

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