sxetika1It is a popular missunderstanding that kitesurf is only a right. It is a lot more than just a right. It is a privilege and in order to be able to enjoy such a privilege, we since 2002 attend carefully to apply the existing regulations and intervene immediately when needed.

During the last years, kitesurf users have multiplied fast worldwide, thus, as it was expected, kitesurf was certified in 2008 as a sailing sport.

Being fully aware of our responsibility, under Professional Kiteboarding status, to assist practically children and adult beginner kitesurfers to conduct the sport with a unique priority for their own safety, as well as of others around them, as conscientious professionals we contribute actively pursuing the maximum number of water sports athletes, their smooth movement, the avoidance of accidents, the safety of ALL tourists and their real recreation.

sxetika2Since 2011, when the kitesurf was approved by the Coast Guard also for rental, we continuously take care for the steadily growing feeling of safe and quality conduct of kitesurf, so that is established as an Olympic sailing sport.

About Kitesurf

sxetika31. The person who starts to kitesurf, must have full concentration and not be disturbed by any external factor that would cause anxiety or any other situation that would lead to a hasty operation. The scope of an elevated kite on the beach or in the sea when the user stands with the kite elevated, is, with simple mathematics, at least 650 sq.m. When the kite is elevated in the air at the beach or at sea with four or five 20-25 metres kite lines, stretched, the possible contact of the lines with any souled being within the scope of the kite lines depends only/solely on the handling of the kitesurf user, through a bar of about 50 m, which leads the kite, so any hasty operation can lead to an accident. 

This is not happening in the Kitespower lessor's areas.

sxetika42. When two kites which are on the air, have their kite lines tangled, they create a new kite with twice as many square meters and there are only very few seconds in which the riders should both be released, otherwise they will “fly” unpredictably, while the kites will, in any case, land abnormally. Usually this happens when one or more beginners are situated among advanced kitesurfers or when beginners are at a beginner‘s region, but alone without supervision or when there are too many kiters gathered at the same point.

This is not happening in the Kitespower lessor’s areas.

3. When the kite control is lost and the kite “fly“on the beach with or without the rider, it will stop wherever it finds an obstacle.

This is not happening in the Kitespower lessor's areas.

4. When a kitesurfer does not have enough power at his/her kite to sail “upwind” and therefore can not lead the kite where he or she has to lead it, there could be an argument with swimmers at sea or in part of the beach where will necessarily emerge. Especially if he or she is a beginner, calmness is needed, because with the tension which will be created, will probably happen a wrong handling in a busy area with painful consequences.

This is not happening in the Kitespower lessor's areas.

5. In kitesurf, relatively easily jumps can be made with duration of 3 to 6 seconds to the air. The self-taught emerging beginner kiters as having the “championship syndrome” close their eyes and jump in the air without considering the scope of their equipment. As a result, many times, their kite and their board fall too dangerously with uncontrollable force, endangering the physical integrity of people.

This is not happening in the Kitespower lessor's areas.

6. Sometimes due to lack of wind (or other cause) the kite is lying many hours in the sea area, then someone who does not have the necessary knowledge, can easily become entangled in the kite lines. When 4-5 fallen kites get together in the water they are worse than nets, since they would have blocked large sea area.

The Kitespower lessor directly intervenes in such cases.

7. Inflating the kite is tiring and painful for the waist. 

The Kitespower lessor has the air compressor.

About Kitesurf

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