It's ideal for someone who is trying to water start with the KITEBOARD in the water, to try firstly to slide with the SNOWBOARD or SKI with the KITE on the snow, as on the snow it is not necessary to try to float on the water.
Snowkiting is the easiest method for someone to start practicing KITEBOARDING. It is enough to start sliding a few meters left and right with the Snowboard or Ski in order to feel the movement of the KITE in real time.


Snowkite, even though is conducted with the same kite and the same control system as in kitesurfing, it is not integrated in international sport federation, like the other alpine sports and therefore is conducted by KITEPOWER Company only in the first steps which significantly helps the interested person to start kitesurfing .

For safety reasons and especially because of the length of the kite lines, the conduct is prohibited within the areas of jurisdiction of the SKI RESORTS globally. Under this condition and along with all the additional safety rules of the KITESPOWER company, Snowkite at this level is 100% safe and fun experience.

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