The company put into operation in an enclosed space of 300 sqm at the “Sports Interactive Park” of “Athens All Sports Show & Fashion 2011”, for the first time in Europe, an integrated air kite Simulator and one kiteboard simulator, showing all the necessary conditions that the sport requires, in order to be conducted safely. The two successfully functional stuctures of simulators of kitesurf and kiteboard for children, teenagers and adults, were warmly received and welcomed by thousands of visitors at the Interactive Park “METROPOLITAN EXPO” at Athens International Airport, and they were delighted and entertained by the use without noting the slightest accident.

The official award and congratulations to the company by the Department of METROPOLITAN EXPO, promote the kitesurf sport as an alternative sailing touristic product, easily and safely accessible to the general public and children, while actively enhance the position of Greece as the top European tourist destination for the safe conduct of kitesurf and quality in education, rental and use for personal or group recreation.

Through constant exchanges of opinions of professional coaches of Olympic Sailing Routes, on how kitesurf is conducted successfully together with windsurf and the other water sports in many different beaches and seas, we hope that we, as Europeans, will be the first to give the lights to the future organized kitesurf centers, on how to define the proper rules, maintaining a keen interest of the tourists of the busy ski resorts of Europe, in conducting kitesurfi on European beaches and seas.

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