Kitespower Beginner

The Kitespower beginner kitesurfer conducts safe kitesurfing with the participation or supervision of the certified Kitespower instructors or trainers or their assistants. When a beginner had been certified in all six (6) beginner levels, he may be granted with our special pass (KITE PASS) on their behalf. This pass can be shown to all accredited Kitespower centers or trainers, so the Kitespower Beginner Member starts to kitesurf at all accredited Kitespower Centers responsibly and absolutely safe according to any additional specific terms and conditions established by each trainer or center supervisor and in accordance with the agreed compensatory payment of services provided.

Kitespower Beginners’ Levels

First Level - TRAINER TEST
Flying the trainer kite on the beach without the board.

Second Level - KITE CONTROL
Explanation and Analysis of how the kite navigation system works. - Safety rules - Nautical terminology - Guidance - Safe Launching and Landing of a kite- 100 % safe control of flying the kite.

Explanation and Analysis of the navigation of the kite in the water – Windward drives the kite in the water left and right directions - One hand leads the kite and the other one the board.

Fourth Level - WATER START
Start kitesurfing both sides (left-right). Both hands lead the kite and the feet the board.

Fifth Level - UP WIND
Kitesurf upwind in one direction (left or right).

Kitesurf upwind both sides (left and right).




Kitespower Beginner 

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